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July 22, 2011
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CC OCT - Tyson Ref by DannyHorseRules CC OCT - Tyson Ref by DannyHorseRules
For #Chernobyl-Curs.

Name: Tyson.
Breed Base: Border Collie/Black Labrador mix.
Age: 4 years old. Born June 7th.
Gender: Male
Size: 2' 1" at the shoulder; add another 8 inches at the tip of head
Weight: 93 lbs
Abilities: Tyson is capable of running at great speeds, even with his bad hip.
- Tyson's jaws are strong. He can and will bite, and it can and will hurt.
- Has amazing agility. Most definitely thanks to him having good shoulder strength for being half Border Collie.
- His front paws are unnaturally large for his breed. He can use them to climb better, run over rougher terrain and bat at his opponents.
- Tyson cannot hear very well. He was born with that, along with his slight lack of sight. He cannot pick up on nearby opponents well when using either of them.
- Tyson's big paws mean that they can easily get in the way; he usually trips on them in the worst of times.
- Tyson has a bullet lodged in his hip from a previous incident (see history.) and it prevents him from running or even standing from time to time. Whenever that happens, he can stay immobile or unbelievably slow for up to an hour until the pain/tightness wears off.
- Along with that, the incident gave him a slight case of memory loss, so every time he wakes up he forgets everything horrible that happened to him the previous day. This can make him not remember his breaking points, and puts him through emotional distress at times, for it confuses him when something is hurting or broken and he doesn't know why. (It isn't clear whether it is coincidental or by the choice of his emotional sensitivity screwing with his mind, but it doesn't bother him, nor does he realise it because, well, it's memory loss.)
Personality: Tyson is a friendly character. He despises fighting and rejects all kinds, and instead turns to talking out the problem and resolving it. However, he can tell when a person won't listen to reason, and will fight when needed. He tries to be funny, but ultimately fails at it, thus he avoids doing it unless it is totally needed. Along with that, he isn't the brightest dog out there, so he is easy to trust and is easy to deceive or trick. Tyson loves all of his friends and past family, and is willing to fight to the death for them.
But it isn't likely that would happen with a random dog in need; despite all of that previously stated, Tyson is very cowardly and cautious. He will keep his distance from somebody until he feels they are okay to approach. With this cowardice comes his great use of his speed. Tyson also prefers to spend his time alone unless he is in a sour mood and would like some cheering up. Others seem to do that just by accepting him being in their presence.
Tyson in general can be very delicate in both emotion and physical attributes, explaining his careful nature and "fraidy-cat" ways.
History: (This is for the OCT. It may change.) Tyson was kept by an elderly old man when he was a puppy until he was two years old when he passed away. The dog was taken to a shelter, and was soon adopted out by his new owner, a nine-year-old girl he referred to as "Sister," for her family called her that as well (the younger sister did, and the mother used it occasionally). He lived with them in happiness with another dog who was kept before him - "Precious," an irritable and elderly female yellow-tan Chow-Chow/Akita mix - until they were all killed by two drunken thieves looking for some money and expensive valuables. Tyson tried fighting them off to save the younger sister, but was shot in the hip, and due to the pain he passed out. Luckily, the thieves didn't check if he was dead, so they left him alone while they slaughtered his family (he saw that when he came to.) Heartbroken and having nothing else to hold onto, Tyson stayed in the house to protect it from other humans for about a year - he ended up having to eat the carcasses of his family - until he realised he had no reason to stay there anymore, thus he left the house and ran until he found Pripyat, roaming the streets of it since. He is a newcomer (he has been there for only two weeks) so he knows not about the gatherings at the amusement park.
- Humans
- Food
- Chasing things
- Getting attention (he isn't a whore about it though xD)
- Making new friends
- Cats
- Wolves
- Larger dogs or any kind, especially males.
- Collars
- Being challenged
- Being angered
- Being chased
- Anything sharp or that can cut/hurt him
- Machinery of any kind
- Swimming pools, lakes, rivers, etc... he is afraid of the water because he cannot swim. :P
- Having his ears or paws played with/touched
- Being confused/tricked
Other: Tyson attempts to mimic human behaviors and expressions at every chance he can get. He tries laughing and attempts to speak English from time to time (the only words he can say clearly are "Hello" and "What?!").
And as a fun fact, Tyson is based off of my real-life dog. Like, heavily based.
Also, Tyson has a deep-ish voice. Kind of like Crispin Freeman or something like that? You can get the idea.

I suck at traditional arts ;3;
But in real life this is actually somewhat satisfactory xD
Tyson is mine.
Don't steal him unless you are in :iconchernobyl-curs: and need him for your audition/round entry or are making fanart.
Thanks <3
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KaiKenNatsuki Featured By Owner Feb 23, 2012  Student Writer
mind me asking what are his pawprints colours? (: black or pink-ish?
DannyHorseRules Featured By Owner Feb 23, 2012  Hobbyist
KaiKenNatsuki Featured By Owner Sep 17, 2011  Student Writer
Amazing expressions, I love this sheet :3 Especially the mad face <333
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Thank you <333
My favorite is his sad face :3c
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Good on paper drawing. <3
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AmiliaLongTail Featured By Owner Jul 26, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
Aw, how sweet~ I like him, he's cute X3

Best of luck to you, comrade! Welcome to the tournament~ :tea:
DannyHorseRules Featured By Owner Jul 26, 2011  Hobbyist
xD He's just like the real-life version, that's for sure :heart:
Thank you! Same to you :D
pillbunnies Featured By Owner Jul 25, 2011
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DannyHorseRules Featured By Owner Jul 25, 2011  Hobbyist
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Or maybe animation x'D
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